Selected Testimonials

  “Michael couples his gift of insight with his broad executive experience and delivers his coaching with both clarity and compassion. He has great listening skills, and the rare ability to distill all that is being said down to the very heart of the matter. His coaching approach is tailored to each individual’s personality and unique job challenges. After just a few weeks of working with Michael, I have gained a clearer perspective on who I am and what I bring to the table, and how to capitalize on both. Beyond the personality and leadership-style topics, Michael contributes a wealth of ground-level, practical advice in areas like Board interactions, culture and change management, and salesmanship, to name just a few. It has been my great fortune and privilege to work with Michael as my executive coach. I have come to firmly believe that anyone in a leadership position, regardless of experience, would benefit from a coaching relationship with Michael.”  

Kris Bourne, CEO at Digital Forest Inc.

  “Michael is a natural leader and coach. His insights are consistently dead-on, which is a direct outcome of his keen listening skills. He has the unique ability to identify an individual's strengths and harness them; their weaknesses and fortify them. He has earned my complete trust.”  

Michele Pearl, VP Consumer Experience at Monster Worldwide Inc.

  “Michael is a trusted advisor and mentor. I would highly recommend him as a leadership coach. He has significant experience in starting and operating companies. He has advised me on accessing capital, structuring my board and ways of packaging my product line. Michael asks questions - both business and personal. He listens. And based on what answers are given, he recommends a course of action - not a cookie-cutter consulting approach. I value Michael's guidance.”  

Sam Tharp, CEO at

  “Michael has the very powerful combination of deep insight into the motivations and methodology of how people work aligned with the tremendous ability to reach them and inspire them to achieve the best course of action and or development. He is a very deep business thinker and has a strong entrepreneurial base to create or advance a business to market actualization and success. He is a phenomenal leader.”  

Sandy Gould, VP Human Resources at SecondLife Inc.

  “Michael was coaching me well before we made it official. I've known and respected him for some time and recently made him my coach. Coaching can be intimidating in the sense that there's an almost inherent admission that there is something incomplete or flawed that needs fixing. Michael has the ability to put you completely at ease and enables you to dig into yourself to explore who you really are. Not necessarily to fix what's wrong but to enhance what is right.”  

Derrick Morton, CEO at FlowPlay Inc.