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Every leader is a work in progress. There is no perfect executive.

Leaders, however, don't usually get sincere feedback on their efforts and achievements. Subordinates often avoid commenting on your good work to avoid the perception of flattery. You also rarely receive insightful critiques from board members, either out of deference to your position of power and authority, or because the board simply does not have a disciplined, apolitical evaluation process.

A CEO Sherpa provides you sincere assessments of what you do well and what you might consider doing differently. First-rate executive coaching is always focused on the practical. The heart of the effort is identifying skills and behaviors that will reduce risk and accelerate success in the issues and opportunities you face today. This isnít theory or therapy. This is practice, practice, and more practice with an emphasis on results.

Of course, this is also true for anyone on your leadership team. You may not need an executive coach today, but some of the executives on your team might need a coach to hone their effectiveness as leaders. Some of the more common areas of focus include:

Staff Assessments  
Career Planning  
Assembling Teams  
Driving Consensus  
Navigating Ambiguity  
Conflict Resolution  
Inspiring Excellence  

Executive Coaching Process:

1. Working Relationship — We invest up to three in-person, one-hour meetings to establish a whether CEO Sherpa is the right executive coaching resource for you.
2. Purpose Ė We jointly define specific objectives for the coaching engagement. These objectives are documented.
3. Organization Support — If your organization is encouraging the executive coaching, then we include your sponsors in the development of your objectives and in creating a support mechanism for your growth as a leader.
4. Baseline — In every case, an assessment of leadership skill and effectiveness is used as a baseline for measuring progress. A psychometric or 360 assessment may be added to refine that baseline or to help focus effort on specific skills and behaviors.
5. Sessions — We meet once a week for one hour. Each coaching session is completely confidential and focused on the agreed upon objectives. Every session explores skills, behaviors, and results with an eye on what you can apply immediately in your current work situation.
6. Minimum commitment — A new executive coaching client must make a commitment to three months effort. After the first three months, the objectives are refreshed and an appropriate meeting cadence is agreed upon.
7. Evaluation — Every three months, regardless of how long we have been working together, you evaluate your coach and your coach (and your sponsor if you have one) evaluates your progress.
Assertions that drive our approach
Leadership is a long-term relationship, one in which an individual inspires a group to realize a shared vision of the future.
We believe that leaders can only inspire if they face challenges with curiosity, a willingness to fail, and a willingness to allow others to shine.
Leadership is a learned behavior; it is not a character trait for a lucky few. You already have what it takes to lead brilliantly.
Nobody else can do the work for you. Your effort, your courage, and your actions as a leader are the crucible in which your skills are formed and honed.
To be a brilliant leader, you need a safe place to explore your strengths, your weaknesses, and develop your insights.
Our views on leadership coaching
We give you an honest assessment of your effort and your results.
With the experience and patience to serve as a confidant, we serve you as a trusted advisor with no agenda, other than your success.
Together, we eliminate barriers and bring out your best.
We are present in the moment, observing and learning all about you and your skill, your style, and your talents. We use the insights from that meticulous attention to help you perceive your strengths and areas for development.
We will explore techniques, approaches, and combine our experience. And most importantly, we will help you to discover your source of courage so you can unleash your talents.

Michael Schutzler, author of Inspiring ExcellenceMichael Schutzler
is a highly respected leadership coach and business advisor for CEOs, executives, and board members around the world. He has built and led world-class organizations for over 25 years. Michael holds an MBA in Finance and Economics and a BS in Electrical Engineering.


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