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CEO Advisory

When your organization confronts a challenging situation, you must explore alternatives, challenge assumptions, evaluate logic, and assemble data from new sources. What you need is a confidant with whom you can openly share your doubts, opinions, and hypotheses.

You want insights and best practices from a trusted partner based on experience, not someone who merely asks you how you feel. Some topics that often serve as the focal point of work for an executive and a CEO Sherpa include:

Strategy Selection  
Board Management  
Executive Selection  
Organization Design  
Turn-around Planning  
Rapid Growth Planning  
Spin-off Planning  
M&A Integration  

Regardless of the topic, a CEO Sherpa will adapt to your needs and situation. There is no formula. Every organization and every leader is distinct and unique. Your schedule and the urgency of your situation drives the cadence of the effort — and adjusts as your needs change. Some clients meet weekly, some more frequently and some less.

Whenever possible, advisory discussions are in person. Your CEO Sherpa is also available on-call by phone, email, text message — whichever communication medium you find most useful.

Every conversation is completely confidential. You choose when and with whom you share any aspect of your work with a CEO Sherpa.

Michael Schutzler, author of Inspiring ExcellenceMichael Schutzler
is a highly respected leadership coach and business advisor for CEOs, executives, and board members around the world. He has built and led world-class organizations for over 25 years. Michael holds an MBA in Finance and Economics and a BS in Electrical Engineering.


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