Soliloquy: I want to share a walk with you

A recent biz trip to Brazil lasted about ten days away from home. Coming on the heels of more than a year of slogging as CEO at livemocha. Startups can be a grind. This one is no exception. So on my return flight home, I was moved to write a soliloquy for my wife, Cari. She liked it, so I decided to share it out to inspire you to write your own for someone you love.


I’d like to share a walk with you. On a lingering beach – with a dog on a leash.  Clasping pinkies because my palms are too warm for you. Wondering if a kiss is called for – or even fancied. Hesitating just long enough to be sure and then reluctantly letting the missed moment pass. Not a word as you glance warily at noisy gulls flitting about. They are fiercely alive. Wings of ardent vibration. Beaks gasp. Eyes flash. Our wanton companion barks and breaks away in hot pursuit. Yet suddenly abandons the evasive winged apparition, lured away by a most excellent and more desirable objective – a fragrance lurking in a bush nearby. The sea air gently bathes me with the perfume of your hair and skin and salt. Shaman drums beat in my ears with biological reverb as I study the sunlight imposing furrows softly edging your eyes. Pleats in a rose petal. Folds of mystery enclosing intelligent pupils that see me as I am. Not as I want to be seen – by most. Longing for your gifted gaze as it now drifts away, I ask what lies within that distracted contemplation.  My only purchase a smirky shrugged nothing. I consider the denial and pensively let it pass. Makes me less a dog sniffing for a treat than a precarious monkey on a bowed branch, pondering the ripe mango just out of reach. Saying a word now, even a whisper, feels incongruous. A brick tossed onto a glass table. And so instead, I just grin and squeeze your hand, hoping it conveys enough.


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