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Book: Inspiring Excellence

This new take on leadership as a learned behavior is now available on  They have it online and it is fully searchable.  So far, the book has received strong endorsements.

Jeff Seely CEO

I’ve read a number of management science/behavior books (many!) and I found Schutzler’s book to be a useful, refreshing and insightful read. He captures aspects of leadership in a clear and direct voice, and he uses great real-life vignettes to make his points in a fun and easily understandable way. This is a quick read, and unlike so many of the business books I start, I finished this one, and with a smile on my face. I recommend it to any business professional looking to refine his or her style of leadership.

Jim Wiggett, CEO Jackson Hole Group

Michael Schutzler takes you through a journey of experience and a broad range of leadership dimensions. Inspiring Excellence is both comprehensive and insightful. I highly recommend the book for leaders who want to up their game.

Sandy Gould, VP Human Resources Linden Lab – creators of SecondLife

Inspiring Excellence is a lightning strike of clarity and simplicity. Michael Schutzler distills the profound principles of great leadership into basic and clear precepts of action and relationship. His model
draws from what we all experience and know but can’t seem to pin down. He does!

Paul Goodrich, Managing Director Madrona Venture Group

This well-organized, thoughtful book distills a broad topic down to very specific, actionable, and practical tools for sharpening leadership skills. I intend to keep a copy in the top drawer of my desk for handy reference and as a periodic reminder of the blueprint for effective leadership.

Aaron Finn, CEO

Michael Schutzler has done a great job explaining leadership skills and practice in a way that applies to any situation, including the way a person leads his or her life. Inspiring Excellence is filled with great
examples of applying real leadership skills in real situations.

Brett Thompson, SVP Human Resources Classmates Online

Michael Schutzler took his many years of real world experience and learning and translated it into a compelling must-read. I am recommending this book to everyone in my professional network.

Tom Donlea, Executive Director Merchant Risk Council

Inspiring Excellence presents an approach to leadership that works even in the “double bottom line” setting of a non-profit organization.

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