Looking for great resumes?

If you are among the few and the proud still recruiting, then you are probably more deluged by resumes than ever before. If you have a decent job description and if you want to sort through hundreds–or thousands–of resumes and online profiles, then you need talentspring. http://www.talentspring.com/

The product is in late beta now, sorting through the millions of linkedin profiles to help you find the best match to your job description. Very soon, they will add other resume databases (monster, ATS, et al) to allow you to mingle those into the sort as well.

This early stage product is working very well now. Check it out at http://www.talentspring.com/ Free to sign up, free to experiment, and if you want to use it in earnest, then you pay a monthly fee.

Am an investor and have been on the board of this company for about a year now. It has been an amazing story to watch unfold. The founder, Bryan Starbuck, is one of the tech savviest and tenacious entrepreneurs I know. A great company to follow and a great product coming to the world of recruiting and hiring top talent.

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